Southeastern Model Railroad Forum: An Introduction

SMRF is a forum for the sharing of information by people who have a common interest in modeling the railroads of the Southeastern United States.  Subscribers range from the beginner to the accomplished modeler and include authors of articles, publishers of modeling and historical articles/books, manufacturers of model railroad items and owners of hobby shops. This wealth of people are willing to make the information available to all.

Although SMRF promotes realistic modeling of southeastern railroads, it is understood that the definition of realism can vary from dimensional accuracy to overall layout impression, and therefore no one right answer exists to the question: how best to model southeastern railroads? On the other hand, SMRF does not promote shake-the-box and let-it-run model railroading. The fun and attraction of the "world's greatest hobby" is in learning and the sense of accomplishment by doing something. For some, adding Kadee™ couplers to your equipment may require new skills and provide that sense of accomplishment.  For others, doing the historical research and then scratchbuilding a museum quality model may be the next new task. There is room for all in SMRF.

SMRF was formed for the purpose of sharing information about southeastern railroads which will allow the level of modeling best suited to your desires.  There will be information on detailing models which may be of no interest to some.  Others will find the information here that cannot be found elsewhere. All this information will be for the purpose of assisting modelers in their efforts.

SMRF is above all an informal forum for sharing information among modelers over the internet.  However, it is always nice to place faces with email addresses, and some techniques and models are best shared in person.  For that reason, SMRF members get together on a yearly basis to swap stories or techniques, to show off models, and to put faces on the email addresses they see every day.

SMRF relies upon an automatic list server as the primary means of communication. Subscribers to SMRF post questions, answers and general comments. Some socializing and good natured kidding goes on, but such distractions are self-censored by the members if they get out of hand. The Dartmouth Code of Computing must be accepted by all subscribers since the list server is owned by Dartmouth College.

The SMRF list is open to those who wish to post infrequent notices about the availability for trade, sale or free items such as photos, slides, models and historical items relevant to modelers. Information about new products from commercial vendors relevant to modelers of southeastern railroads is welcome.  Requests for a show of interest for a product relevant to southeastern railroad modelers are also welcome.

All interested persons are welcome to join SMRF or to read SMRF postings via the website archives.  For more information, check the links for help in the table of contents.