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SMRFest 2000: Lynchburg, VA

SMRFest 2000 was produced and directed by Bill Cox. The event occured the weekend of September 15-17, 2000. The location was the Ramada Inn on Odd Fellows Road, located just off the Lynchburg Expressway (Rt. 29) and overlooking Norfolk Southern's Kinney Yard (the former N&W Yard).  Clinics were presented by Larry Puckett, Bob Harpe, Bill Mosteller, George Riley and Kevin Goodman.  A number of layouts were available for visiting on Saturday.  You can see photos of all the action by clicking on the recap.  You can see the original meeting announcement by clicking on 2002 Announce. If you're thinking of proposing a future SMRFest, examine the proposal.

2000 Recap
2000 Announce
2000 Proposal