SMRF is above all an informal forum for sharing information among modelers over the internet.  However, it is always nice to place faces with email addresses, and some techniques and models are best shared in person.  For that reason, SMRF members get together on a yearly basis to swap stories or techniques, to show off models, and to put faces on the email addresses they see every day. SMRF subscribers have met annually since 1998. For information on the next SMRFest or to see what happened in past meetings click on the links below.

For 2008, make it to Hickory, NC!

In September of 2008 all southeastern railroad historians and modelers should plan to attend the SMRF meeting in Hickory, NC arranged by Matt Bumgarner as part of the Hickory Fall Fling.

Previous SMRFests

Cary 2002
Charlotte 2001
Lynchburg 2000
Cary 1999
Atlanta 1998